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School of Creative Education The Tribe

The Tribe

The Tribe is a program for children aged 6 – 12 years, implementing democratic and creative education through social and environmental lenses, facilitated by one of our educators.

Children currently enrolled in school or home-schooled form The Tribe.

The Tribe provides parents with an option to drop-off their children or stay with the program. Every session has at least two parent helpers, one as the ‘parent of the day’ and the other as a classroom assistant. The roster for nominated sessions is available to complete in our Facebook group.

Every Wednesday afternoon  during the term, 12pm – 3pm, beginning with communal lunch.

Term Dates:

Term 1: Monday 5th February – Thur 29th March (8 weeks)

Term 2: Monday 16th April – Friday 22nd June (10 weeks)

Term 3: Monday 16th July – Friday 21st September (10 weeks)

Term 4: Monday 8th October – Friday 14th December (10 weeks).

Our Goals

We aim for the children to be (in no particular order):

  • generating and pursuing ideas
  • incorporating others into their ideas
  • building listening and democratic skills
  • adding value to their environment and to each other
  • communicating care to the farm animals
  • designing projects
  • documenting their processes
  • broadening their range of technical skills
  • partnering with community organisations, artists, and businesses, and
  • performing or presenting their work to their project’s beneficiaries.


Enrolments are open for term 4, 2018!

Fees are paid while enrolling.

Please click below to make your booking for The Tribe.

Enrolment form


The Tribe is encouraged to, as much as they can, manage their session themselves.


The structure usually follows this sequence:

Time Activity
12pm arrive and reconnect
12.20pm democratic meeting, nominate a chairperson and scribe for the meeting, discuss and offer and vote on ideas for the session, discuss problems they are experiencing
12.35pm make and share lunch
1pm activities based upon their ideas which may include small creative projects, farm chores, nature walk, book club or lessons they offer to teach each other
1.45pm project work consisting of their individual and collective projects
2.45pm democratic meeting, making plans for lunch next week, sharing reflections, and deciding on who is doing which house-work tasks
2.55pm house-work… vacuuming, kitchen, table-tops


The members of The Tribe are asked to complete one whole group, community-based project per term, and one individual or small project per term which may be:

  • a Zen Project, in which children pursue an activity that helps them to ‘zen-out’, such as a craft or sport, or
  • a Gift Project, in which children take a gift or a talent to the next level, or
  • a Knowledge Project, in which children work hands-on in their project while consciously withdrawing new knowledge and skills from their inquiry.

For example, during term 3, The Tribe began individual projects into topics such as animal welfare, littering, and mental health, as well as a collective project into sustainable building practices in light of global warming.

From time-to-time, The Tribe are taught the theory of inquiry-based learning as well as creative theory, to enable a more conscious understanding of their project development.

The Tribe have full access to the whole property including the dam (child-fenced), paddocks, fire pits, conservation area, playground, orchard, sports court, the animals, three-weekly equine therapy, and our emerging maker-space. Much of our time is spent outside.

Indoor spaces

The Tribe’s indoor spaces include:

  • maker-space
  • lounge meeting area
  • dining and working table
  • kitchen, and an
  • art area

Fees per session

The fees for each term in 2018 are:

Wednesday 12pm – 3pm:

  • $22 for eldest child in the family, $17 for second, and $12 for third and fourth children.


Where a whole family will be away for three or more consecutive sessions, families will be offered a refund on the fees paid for the period of absence. During that time, we will invite another family to participate. However, refunds are not offered for irregularly missed sessions or for sessions we have decided to cancel due to bush fire risk.

Our Why

We are concerned that research shows:

  • childrens’ creative abilities substantially reduce during their school years
  • a social, economic and environmental demand for creativity, and
  • increasing current and emerging social and ecological issues for which solutions are not yet found.

SoCE aims to ensure children have the best possible chance to:

  • grow into adults adept to working together
  • be part of the solution to social and ecological and social issues, and
  • are able to co-create their chosen culture, long after we are gone.

We do this by providing education through:

  • the creative process rather than the academic
  • the democratic process rather than the authoritarian
  • the natural world rather than the manufactured.

Where we are

Our campus is at 6 Rainy Hill Road, Cockatoo. We occupy the new building.

What to bring

We spend most of our time outside, so…

  • gumboots all year round
  • a complete change of clothes for children and adults
  • sun hats during terms 1 and 4, and beanies during terms 2 and 3
  • warm, wind and waterproof jackets and pants (where possible) during terms 2 and 3
  • ingredients for lunch which the home-schooled groups decide upon the previous session, and
  • medications if needed.

We encourage families to keep their mobile phones on them at all times.

All bags can be stored in a pigeon hole at the front door.