School of Creative Education Testimonials


from participants of our adults’ and childrens’ programs

We had a wonderful time here at the come and play day. I highly recommend coming here for a great hands on experience.
Thank you for running such a great group.
Amazing experience!!
What an awesome program. My son loves it!!!

Thank you Jane. You are awesome with both parents and children and mere sure each Child feels included.

Amazing experience!!

Masters 4 & 2 (& myself) just love farm school come and play days. We get so much out of the experiences and talk about them non stop for weeks. Master 2 is delayed in speech but today I found him saying more words and just loving exploring, splashing and being at one with the animals and nature. Congrats Jane on creating such a wonderful place for the children to learn and evolve X
My two just love Farm School! Child led learning at its best!

Democratic and free range the kids have the opportunity to be around animals of all kinds, and explore a natural type of creative play you can only find when wearing gumboots!

We love it, haven’t missed a session yet!

Flexible yet structured, farm, outdoors and play. Sustainability, gardening, composting and animals.

I found Jane’s group was something to look forward to every week out of the hustle and bustle of life as a parent and teacher.

The space she provided was relaxing and rich, her wisdom and knowledge of ‘Creativity’ was insightful and she encouraged me to move forward with my Art no matter what was happening in my life as that is what feeds our Soul.

Before I came to the group I needed to find my confidence to put myself out in to the world with my art/craft.

Although I knew I was talented I had a fear of the unheard opinion. I learnt from discussing these fears openly with understanding and no judgement that the fear is really only a mindset and not real.

To be with like minded women within the group it helped shed these fears and find my confidence to know I am as good as the next to share what I have created with or with out judgement and to accept any opinion as I am expressing myself through art and not looking for acceptance any more.

Thank you for opening your heart and knowledge and showing who I am and what I can achieve.

In the past two years, as I’ve begun to take my biz dreams and make them reality, Jane’s support, encouragement and creative approach to problem solving have been invaluable to me.

Jane has been there to hold me accountable, to see me past the hurdles and obstacles I’ve come across, and to encourage my creativity in my biz and life in general.

Having her on my side is like having my own creativity cheer squad. She is a beautiful lady with a heart of gold!

My kids had a wonderful time at the first meeting of the Tribe and can’t wait to come back 🙂
I’m thrilled to have found such a creative, fun, nurturing environment for them to learn in.
I took my son and we had an awesome time. Absolutely loved it. Will definitely be back again.
My children and I love attending this wonderful program. We get to connect with nature in a nurturing environment. The program encourages children to speak up instilling confidence, self worth and creating a sense of responsibility for their environment. Jane is an amazing facilitator.
Jane’s incredible energy and foresight in helping and assisting me in my creative endeavours is paramount to my successful outcomes.

She gives intelligent perspectives from all sides, and allows me MY creative freedom in the processes on my journey. She gives me freedom to explore all my potential that I sometimes cannot see, and gives encouraging support along the way.

I would not have been able to complete my creative journey without her assistance and support. Every time I receive success along the way, I celebrate it to her and her amazing ability to get see me to where I want to be.

Such an amazing place! Kids always have a ball at the Come and Play days. We are so lucky that special places like this exist.
I was stuck in a situation where I was in a job and industry I didn’t enjoy, and had lost all of my confidence. Then I was then made redundant.

I believed it had happened for a reason and that I should use the time to make changes in my life. However, because I’d lost so much confidence working in an industry I didn’t enjoy for so long, I just couldn’t push myself to not only get started, but to think clearly about what it was I really wanted.

In this course, I learnt to sit back, forget the history and why I couldn’t move on, and map and plan out exactly what I wanted in life. Writing it down made me start to think more clearly and the plan started to come together. The fact that there were also other people in the group to listen and share feedback gave me confidence I hadn’t previously had. I felt a part of a team that was very supportive. It also gave me access to a pool of people with great insight and knowledge to draw from.

In addition to this, I became very motivated and also got a lot of self-awareness from the group, particularly from Jane. She has a natural ability to not only identify individuals challenges very quickly, but also how to direct your thinking in the right direction. It completely changed my thought process.

I became so much more aware of myself, my attitude, tolerance and other areas that needed focus and improvement. I just seemed to gain so much clarity in such a short time.

The outcome for me is that I actually now have clarity around what it is that I want to achieve in life. I’ve named my business, created a business plan and started talking to companies re: company set-ups and pricing. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the group. I’ve also worked on my processes; I wasn’t being effective prior to the group. Understanding what works for me and following this process makes it easier for me to plan.

The overall value of being a part of this group isn’t definable. Jane has made a huge impact on my life and way of being. I highly recommend the School of Cultural Creativity and would suggest anybody will benefit.

The School of Cultural Creativity has been a very special experience for my two daughters early lives. It is a treasure trove of good times, gorgeous people and special memories.

It is a place that they can just be themselves, letting them explore their own creative little minds, and grow confidence in their abilities and their little bodies.

It is a place they can explore and experience nature, which may be mud, sticks, water, horses, birds, guinea pigs, chooks, goats and many other things, all the while being dressed up in a costume, playing with wooden toys, bucket and spades, and participating in projects like making birds nests or building a scarecrow, or going on an expedition around the farm to collect chook eggs, feed the goats, collect veggies in the garden for lunch and pat the guinea pigs and rabbits before heading back for a delicious healthy lunch.

It has been an amazing chance for my girls to learn about nature, making good friends, how to use your hands and body to build and explore, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

I highly recommend Farm School to all parents to spend some special time with their young children, to learn and explore together, and create some very special memories!

When I first came to see Jane I was very much creatively blocked.

Though I longed to create like I had as a child, I just couldn’t seem to get past the self judgment, criticism and need to be perfect that led to complete paralysis. I would sit down at my sketch book and nothing but anger and frustration would show up. And then I embarked on the Art-I-Fact course and all that changed.

Jane has completely transformed my perception and beliefs on what it is to be creative. She has guided me from being outwardly focused and completely caught up in the belief that creativity is all about producing a beautiful finished piece; to focusing inward and creating solely as a means of self expression. I am challenging so many of my old limiting beliefs around self acceptance, perfectionism and judgment both on a personal level and within society as a whole.

Doing this course in a group has been so instrumental to the changes I’ve gone through. For the entire process I’ve felt supported, encouraged and completely accepted. I have gained so much valuable insight and knowledge from the beautiful women in my group, and know I couldn’t have done it without them. It’s been such a soul nourishing and safe place to be.

I cannot recommend Jane and the Art-I-Fact course highly enough. If you are stuck creatively; in a rut; or yearning for something more but unsure of what it is, then this is the course to do.

My issue /s lol:
– Not knowing which “dream” career was the one for me
– Not being able to feel what I was passionate about
– Struggling with “real world” job concept
– No creativity model
– Lack of support

What I learnt during the sessions:
– Creativity comes from need and also desire
– How to create in a vacuum
– That I need masculine energy of self worth/belief that I can set up a business
– Bringing concept / feelings into matter or realisation
– Internal beliefs and external factors
– A boarder concept of vision, purpose, values and needs

What’s changed for me in the last 2 months:
– Considering the possibility of starting my own business
– Patience, now I know I know some people need a kick up the but I have actually decided I don’t have to create this over night and am enjoying the process more because of it.
– I see benefits of real world job for now and how this and creating something new can co-inside. It doesn’t have to be one or the other for me
– Having entrepreneurial discussions and aligning with business as something more comfortable.
– Stronger focus on creatively making money & employment options.

I would highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to ignite or enhance their creativity. For business or any personal endeavour. Jane has a different way of having you feel what you want to create first. Then being able to express that in words not the other way round. It makes what you are really seeking, the essence of it far more clear.

Jane is compassionate & also able to give me some tough love. And that’s real love in my opinion. Expand your creativity and bringing it to a real, practical and tangible level.