School of Creative Education Policies


Maxwell primary school policies

Click on the following policies for the Maxwell primary school to view them as a printable PDF.

If you have any questions about them, please call SoCC… 1300116654


Democratic Principles

  • Democratic Principles Policy


  • Philosophy Policy



Calendars and Timetables

Monitoring and Reporting on Student Performance

  • Assessment and Reporting Policy
  • My School Report

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Student Learning Outcomes Policy
  • High Impact Teaching Strategies

Care, Safety and Welfare of Students

  • Accidents and Incident Register
  • Anaphylaxis Guidelines
  • Child Safe Action Plan
  • Child Safe Code of Conduct
  • Child Safety Policy
  • Anaphylaxis Management Policy
  • Digital Citizenship Policy
  • Bullying and Harassment Policy
  • Mandatory Reporting Policy
  • Student Welfare Policy
  • Complaints and Grievances Policy
  • Incident and Illness Policy
  • On-site Supervision Policy
  • Protective Clothing and Sunsmart Policy
  • Excursion and Activities Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Step-by-Step Guide to making a report to Child Protection or Child FIRST


  • Behaviour Management Pathway Flowchart
  • Behaviour Management Policy

Attendance Monitoring

  • Attendance Policy

Staff Employment

  • Professional Development Policy
  • Working with Children Check Policy
  • Staff Employment Policy
  • Staff Induction Policy

School Infrastructure

Emergency Management

  • Evacuation Site Plan
  • Emergency Bushfire Management Policy
  • Prepare Act Survive Cockatoo
  • Critical Incident Policy
  • Emergency Management Plan
  • Essential Services Register
  • 6 Rainy Hill Road Hydrant Location

Governance and Not-for-profit Status

  • SoCC Board Prospectus 2017 -2018
  • SoCC Constitution

Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan 2017-2018