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Enrolling in the primary school

We are pleased to announce that SoCE is now inviting enrolments from prep to year 6 in our new and creative Maxwell Primary School at 6 Rainy Hill Rd, Cockatoo for 2019 and beyond.

How wonderful is it that we have an alternative such as SoCE? We are delighted for all of us!

Read on… this page has all the info you need.

Enrolment Process

Here’s the enrolment process:

  1. participate in any number of activities designed to help you including:
    • parent information sessions
    • primary school experiences, and
    • the transition program in term 4
  2. chat with Jane about your child’s passions, preferences and needs
  3. complete the enrolment form
  4. pay the enrolment deposit to confirm your enrolment… $100 per student
  5. participate in our transition program during term 4

Then, begin school!

* Deposits are deducted from your term 1 fees and are non-refundable if enrolment is withdrawn but refundable if the school does not receive registration for 2019.

Maxwell enrolment form

2019 Transition Program

transition sessions 2019

Beginning school is an important milestone for every child and their families, and we aim to make it as smooth as possible for all involved.

The transition program allows your child to immerse themselves in our school’s unique learning environment and experience first-hand the creativity, democracy and social benefits of our school.

The purpose of the transition program is to:

  • assist students to develop their sense of belonging in our unique learning environment
  • offer students opportunities to participate in school activites
  • provide students, educators and parents with opportunities to build new relationships and develop friendships, and
  • provide information and support to parents and families.

The transition program will include:

  • an introduction to inquiry-based learning
  • engaging with our community
  • an introduction to the democratic processes that govern our school
  • students making connections between their creative capacities and formal learning, and
  • engaging with the ecology of their environment.
Maxwell transition program 2018 - 2019

Our transition program is held every second Friday of term 4 at school, from 1pm-3pm.

The dates are:

Friday 12th October

Friday 26th October

Friday 9th November

Friday 23rd November

Friday 7th December… at this session you will receive:

  • an image authorisation form
  • a Code of Conduct
  • a Parent Handbook including summaries of our policies and where to find them
  • part-time enrolment contracts
  • term 1’s invoice, and
  • other information that may need to be passed to you in readiness to start school.