Maxwell Creative School employment


We have no employment opportunities available at the moment, but please check in from time to time, as we are growing!

Feel free too to write to Jane at with your CV attached. Jane will save it and when an opportunity arises that you may be looking for, she’ll ask you to apply.

Other information

The School of Creative Education:

  • commits to the employment of high quality, qualified and experienced employees
  • ensures new employees are inducted well
  • ensures employees receive support in their professional development
  • records and seeks to resolve inappropriate conduct and unsatisfactory performance of all employees including volunteers

The school is committed to following fair and just recruitment standards in the selection of employees, volunteers, contractors and consultants, however our primary consideration is the safety and wellbeing of children. The school has developed recruitment and selection guidelines that outline the processes the school will follow in its recruitment of employee.

The school ensures that recruitment processes are in place to manage and reduce the risk of child abuse. In addition, processes are in place to ensure there are appropriate employee induction programs, employee professional development, and employee supervision arrangements to ensure a child safe environment.

These include:

  • face to face recruitment interviews against clear job descriptions and stringent selection criteria
  • confidential reference checks
  • Working with children Check and Police Record Check prior to commencement, and
  • ongoing training and professional development.

Promotion of child safety in recruitment advertisements

The school recruitment advertisements state the school is committed to child safety. The statement is included in all advertisements, position descriptions and employment contracts. This employment page on our website outlines the school’s commitment to Child Safe recruitment standards.

Position descriptions

Each employee position within the school will have a detailed job description clearly defining the role and responsibilities of the position including the school’s expectation that employee must provide a child safe environment. Position descriptions outline:

  • the organisational context
  • duties and tasks of the role
  • qualifications, experience and attributes a person must have, and
  • the level of responsibility and supervision associated with the position

Assessment of potential employees

Employees will only be employed if they meet the criteria specified in the relevant job description. Educators will be only considered for employment for the primary school and employed if they have current and full registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

The school conducts face to face interviews with applicants, where possible, to ensure their suitability to work within the school.

In the recruitment of new employees (and volunteers), the school assesses the following in relation to individual applicants:

  • motivation to work with children (personal and /or professional)
  • relevant and verifiable experience
  • relevant and verifiable qualifications
  • understanding of children’s physical and emotional needs
  • understanding of professional boundaries
  • communication skills
  • attitudes to childrens’ rights and how they can be upheld
  • values (honesty, integrity, reliability, fairness and non-discrimination), and
  • responses from referees.

Reference checking

The school recognises that screening potential employees and volunteers is essential and reference checks must occur for all potential employees, prior to an offer of employment being made.

All teaching staff employed at the primary school must be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

All other employees including contractors, consultants and volunteers must provide evidence of a Working with children Check and Police Record Check prior to commencement. Refer to the Working with Children Check Policy.

Working with Children Checks

Anyone who intends to do child-related work, and who does not qualify for an exemption, needs a Working with Children Check.

Some exemptions are:

  • a person who is under the age of 18 years
  • a parent volunteering in an activity in which their child participates
  • teachers registered with the VIT

To keep the children at the primary school safe, the school must know:

  • that everyone with direct and unsupervised contact with the children has a Working with Children Check
  • if applicants are legally permitted to work while their application is processed
  • when Working with Children Checks expire and needs renewal
  • if an employee, contractor, consultant or volunteer
  1. has their Working with Children Check card suspended
  2. is issued with an Interim Negative Notice
  3. fails the Working with children Check and is issued with a Negative Notice.

Police Checks

The school acknowledges that police checks differ from Working with Children Checks. The requires all employees undertake a Police Record Check prior to the commencement of employment and the school also reserves the right to request any member of employee to obtain a Police Record Check at any point in time, as per the terms and condition specified in the employee’s contract of employment.


This information will be treated with respect for the privacy of all individuals. This information is restricted to the access of the recruitment panel for the position being recruited. Information will be stored in a confidential and secure manner at all times.

Employee induction program

All employees and volunteers must complete the School’s Induction Program (refer to the Employee Induction Policy) upon their commencement.

This involves the completion of the Induction Checklist that covers the School’s:

  • facilities
  • equipment
  • environment
  • policies & procedures including the Child Safety Policy, Code of Conduct and Mandatory Reporting, and
  • lines of communication.

Each new educator will complete the on-line Mandatory Reporting Professional Learning Module provided by DEECD.

Each new employee will be assigned a mentor for an agreed period, to assist him or her in settling into the school’s culture and expectations.

Regular employee meetings will be held to identify any professional development needs, and will inform the school’s professional development plan.

Each employee’s performance will be reviewed at least once per year as part of the Profession Development Review (below), to identify any potential areas for improvement.  The outcomes will be documented and will inform the individual’s professional development needs.

Professional development review

The Professional Development Review aims to enhance the performance of all employees of the school, other than casual employees, contractors and consultants, through participation in annual performance reviews, conducted by the Chief Creative Director, including feedback from senior employees and mentors.

The school will provide ongoing training to employees to ensure they understand their obligations and expectations to ensure a Child Safe environment. All new employees will undertake training to ensure they understand their expectations. Refer to the Child Safety Policy.

Central to the PDR is an expectation that employees will reflect on the functional areas in which they have responsibilities.  These may include one or more of the following:

  • teaching and learning
  • research
  • leadership
  • management
  • administration
  • student services including wellbeing, and
  • projects.