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School of Cultural Creativity Circle Club

The Circle Club

Our unique Circle Club offers community-hosted classes, programs and projects. It is called The Circle Club to reflect the nature of teaching and learning, from adult to child and child to adult.

The Circle Club is designed as an integrative learning experience between our broader community and our gorgeous young creatives who are seeking to know what they are capable of through unique, creative, individual or group experiences. Our Circle Club model is inspired by the University of the Third Age. 

Session times and dates

Circle Club classes for term 2 will run in 2 x 5 week blocks.

Term 2, block 1

Weekly, Friday 20th April to Friday 18th May.

Creative Numeracy 5-8yrs

  • Fun and engaging open-ended Maths explorations, arts and craft projects, outdoor games and activities for 5-8yr old children.
  • Fridays 10:00am – 11:30am
  • $5 per class

Crafting with Beck 5-14yrs

  • Offering a variety of creative and fun facilitated arts and crafts activities and supported maker space time for individual projects. If you have an A4 visual arts journal please bring it along.
  • Fridays 11:30am – 1:00pm
  • $8 per class

Cooking Club 5-14yrs

  • Simple and fun lessons that cover a variety of local and international recipes while teaching essential skills for everyday cooking. Please bring with you a container to take your food home in and let us know in advance of any allergies.
  • Fridays 1:00pm – 2:30pm
  • $10 per class

Parents please note: You are welcome to make use of the property while your children are attending classes. Indoor and outdoor play spaces and toys available to accommodate younger children, there is multiple kitchens and a office space, there is also a maker space and craft hub so feel free to bring something you have been working on or start something new, or join in on a class at no cost! Helpers are always welcome.

Term 2, block 2

Weekly, Friday 1st June to Friday 22nd June.

Children attending more then one class are encouraged to pack their own food and can eat, stop to play/move/run whenever they need. We do usually provide a communal snack between classes (popcorn, fruit etc). We encourage childrens participation but they are also welcome to move in and out of the class as they choose and make use of the property and its facilities.

Sensational Science, Animal Adaptations – 5-12yrs

  • Enjoy a range of fun science experiments, games and crafts, that explore the amazing adaptations animals make in order to survive in different habitats. Perfect for your little animal lover.
  • Friday 10:00am – 11:30am
  • $5 per student

Creating a love of Storytelling – 5-12yrs

  • Suitable for all levels of literacy from beginner readers/writers through to advanced. Students will use a variety of mediums to grow their imaginations, and find their love for storytelling. Throughout the sessions students will create story stones, pop up books, maps and more to share their own stories. They may choose to do this through writing, illustrations or orally – whatever way suits them best.
  • Friday 11:30am – 12:30am
  • $5 per student

Open ART – 5+yrs

  • Open art and craft sessions within a well resourced space. Woodworking, painting, beading, drawing, knitting, canvases, lego, glue, textiles, clay, collage, sewing and more. Bring a project to work on or start something new. Facilitators available to help inspire creativity.
  • Friday 12:30pm – 1:30pm
  • $8 per student




The Circle Club is developed for children aged 3 – 18.

One program might be suitable for children aged 14 – 18, where others might be more suited to children aged 6-9, depending upon the childrens’ interests and capabilities.


The Tribe crystals 2017

For example, we are hosting fire-twirling, equine therapy, Lego, and circus skills… on top of literacy, numeracy, and making-time in our Maker-Space.

Participant numbers

The Circle Club’s programs may or may not be capped at a certain number of participants. If they are, this information will be on the booking form.

Parent stay

Parents stay to add value to the sessions.


Any fees will depend upon the community facilitator, however SoCE will ensure all club programs are accessible by everyone. Most sessions will cost only $5 per child per session.


Where a whole family will be away for three or more consecutive sessions, families will be offered a refund on the fees paid for the period of absence. During that time, we will invite another family to participate. However, refunds are not offered for irregularly missed sessions or for sessions we have decided to cancel due to bush fire risk.

Where we are

Our campus is at 6 Rainy Hill Road, Cockatoo. We occupy the new building.

What to bring

Requirements for The Circle Club’s programs will differ… some may need gumboots, others helmets, others one’s own instrument.

As a general guideline, we ask all children bring:

  • gumboots all year round
  • two complete changes of clothes for children and adults
  • sun hats during terms 1 and 4, and beanies during terms 2 and 3
  • warm, wind and waterproof jackets and pants during terms 2 and 3
  • food, and
  • medications if needed.

All bags including changes of clothes can be stored in the pigeon holes inside the front entrance of the building.

Carrying mobile phones

We ask all parents carry their operable mobile phones with them at all times (maybe in a bum-bag or zipped pocket). We do this so we can be sure we can contact each other on the rare occasion we are separated, and so we each have access to emergency services if needed.