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Information Session… Wed 15th Nov 7.15pm

Next Wednesday 15th November we are having a community information meeting… 7.15pm to 9pm Cockatoo Neighbourhood House 23 Bailey Road. Jane and members of SoCC’s community will give you: a summary of what Maxwell is about why it is being created how we are different to Steiner or Montessori education, and why we hope to [...]

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The top 6 conditions for self-directed learning

The top 6 conditions for self-directed learning. I've posted Peter Gray before... however this talk of his is now illustrated and therefore so much more relatable... "These are the conditions that optimize childrens' ability to educate themselves... When children know that they’re responsible for their education, they take that responsibility. [...]

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9 Values of Culturally Creative people

9 Values of Culturally Creative people. Our community consists of a group of innovators as well a group of people who support their work. The number one value of a cultural creative is innovation. The definition of innovation is "to introduce something new; or make changes in anything established". But it's not about innovation for the sake [...]

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