9 Values of Culturally Creative people

//9 Values of Culturally Creative people

9 Values of Culturally Creative people.

Our community consists of a group of innovators as well a group of people who support their work.

The number one value of a cultural creative is innovation. The definition of innovation is “to introduce something new; or make changes in anything established”. But it’s not about innovation for the sake of a new product or service. A culturally creative person is fully invested in the process as well as the outcome. It’s often in their creative process that the meaning… their purpose, energy and growth… is found. 

Everett Rogers described a theory that explains how popular ideas and innovations sweep through societies. His work is titled “Diffusion of Innovations“, Glencoe Free Press, 1962.

Rogers demonstrated on a bell curve that there is a group within our culture who are innovators, as well as those who are into innovative ideas and products and services…

right through to those who would prefer to not try the new.

Innovators and early adopters have similar traits to culturally creative people, such as

  • being able to identify problems
  • think creatively
  • sense opportunities, and
  • envisage the potentials of the future.

However… culturally creative people bring added values to their innovations

Co-creativity is the heart of cultural creativity

The term ‘Cultural Creatives’ was coined by sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson in their book, “The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World“, Harmony Books, 2000.

Like Rogers, they identified a subset within western society who are our innovators and then explored their characteristics.

Paul Ray describes the members of the green circles above.

 “You have to think of the Cultural Creative phenomenon as a target of co-centric circles.  At the center are people who work with each other, give talks, write articles and they are the core group.  They pass on new ideas and new insights to lots of other people.  These core people are concerned about their inner development and the outer world.

 The next ring outward are the people I call the Green Cultural Creatives, they are becoming aware of the core messages but it takes about ten years to do a changeover of your lifestyle.  This group all complain about how they didn’t get the support they need to make this change over the amount of time that it takes, again, up to ten years.

 They say, “I’m all alone here!”  Whereas the people in the core “get it” but only after many years of working on themselves.”

Ray understands the people who are at the core of our grass-roots movements are really hard workers, dedicating years to their own transformations.  

He also understands that these people tell other people about what they are doing and how the are doing it…  they pass on their lessons to others using communication channels as identified by Rogers.

This is what I’ve learnt about our culturally creative people within our Valley…

9 values of culturally creative people

Culturally creative people are those who:

  • actively seek better outcomes for our ecology and society
  • hold a vision or dream of a possibility
  • value authenticity, transparency, artistry and originality
  • are open to learning about or already creating alternatives
  • suspect the way to create alternatives is through alternative means
  • learn with and from others and building upon that prior learning
  • work or seek to work in service of a cause
  • are guided by spirituality or sense of personal growth
  • seek wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

Our cultural creatives tend to be self-educated, may feel called to hand down their knowledge, and they have so much to teach.

One of their main lessons is that learning does not end… they are life-long learners.

How do you express your creativity?

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