Life is creative. Learn like it.

What is creative education and why do we need it? Yarra Ranges Life TV dropped by on a chilly May morning to find out!

ACNC Registered Charity Tick

The School of Creative Education is a not-for-profit, for-purpose social enterprise and a registered charity.

SoCE is future now

Creative Education…

  • learning through the creative process
  • democratic… everyone governs and designs our school

  • self-directed learning

  • inquiry-based through hands-on projects, innovation, design, collaborations, presentation and studio work

  • individual education programs

  • multi-age classes and projects

  • student-lead social and ecological enterprises

  • the Australian curriculum

  • union of high-tech, high-eco environments

  • local, national, and international community engagement
  • best global creative education principles and practices
  • a creative, contemporary and visionary learning community


Maxwell Creative School enrol
Info Session Registration

Information Session for Maxwell Creative School

Would you like to see why MCS was created?

The first of three information sessions is on Wednesday 7th August,  7.30pm

  • Meet our founder and our educators
  • Hear from panels of students and parents
  • Share and hear stories from families about their journeys and dreams
  • Hear the purpose of a creative school
  • Answer your questions about these things and more!

For event information and registration, please click below…

School Tours

School Tours 

When new families come by, they talk with Jane for a while sharing concerns and hopes, meet our educators and staff, meet some children and parents, see classes in action, check out our facilities, and walk our property.

Tours are by appointment so please call us on 1300 11 66 54


Maxwell Creative School enrol
Maxwell Creative School

Maxwell Creative School is open!

MCS is Australia’s first holistic, creative primary school from prep – year 6, capped at 30 students for 2020.

We believe our children:

  • have the power to create fulfilling lives for themselves and profound change in the world
  • have the ability to make informed choices and learn from them
  • can identify problems and should be part of the solution
  • reach their potential only when academia and creativity are valued equally
  • shine when they are being creative,

and  we understand the creative process to be mankind’s natural educator, teaching us in light of who we are.

If you are contemplating an internationally progressive education for your children that will inspire and empower them, now is the time to be in touch!

Ph: 1300 11 66 54

Farm School
Farm School

Farm School

For children age 1 – 6, Farm School is held every Thursday morning during term 3, from 10am-1pm… and everyone goes home with a full vegetarian belly.

Enrolments are now closed for term 3!

Read more here about the awesome democratic, ecological and creative experiences Farm School has to offer!

Farm School is led by a facilitator and is a parent-stay program.


SoCE’s BIG Why

Watched over 41 million times, Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk focuses upon THE WHY… why do we do what we do?

Inspired by his talk, we share our WHY with you below.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxPuget Sound, an independent event in 2009.

A social problem

The call for more creativity is loud.

Greater creativity and wellbeing are being called for by our social, environmental, industrial and political sectors. They are faced with ‘wicked problems’ and seek our collaborators, project workers and problem solvers.

Our children want greater creativity and wellness too … they know they are faced with problems and yearn to be our collaborators, project workers and problem solvers and our educational sector asks our schools to integrate these needs.

The problem is that, despite the call, creativity is not encultured in Australian education.

Furthermore, research shows our academic process actively disables creativity.

Knowing this, should we consciously ask, is it true? Do we really allow our schools to kill creativity? Are we choosing, consciously or otherwise, to disable our kids’ creativity?

If our answer is “yes”, can we intentionally ask, why are we doing that? What purpose will it serve? And most importantly, what can we do about it?

After all, we have a duty of care.

In the U.S.A., creative education is viewed as a children’s rights issue.
We don’t talk about that in Australia.

What we talk about is the children who struggle in education. 25% drop out. Frustrated, bored, intelligent, questioning, rebellious, distracted, disengaged, tenacious, they slip through the cracks.

A social solution

We are concerned that research shows:

  • childrens’ creative abilities substantially reduce during their school years
  • a social, economic and environmental demand for creativity, and
  • increasing current and emerging social and ecological issues for which solutions are not yet found.

SoCE aims to ensure our children have the best possible chance to:

  • grow into adults adept to working together
  • be part of the solution to social and ecological and social issues, and
  • are able to co-create their chosen culture, long after we are gone.

We do this by providing education through:

  • the creative process rather than the academic
  • the democratic process rather than the authoritarian
  • the natural world rather than the manufactured.

Research shows the creative process over the academic process:

  • enables creativity
  • develops academic skills and knowledge
  • enhances well being, and
  • is mankind’s natural educator.

Creativity is even predicted to create a more just society.

SoCE is not waiting for our educational sector to transform.

We have created …

Australia’s first creative primary school
replicable anywhere in Australia.

School of Creative Education News
School of Creative Education News
School of Creative Education News