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SoCE… future now

The School of Creative Education enables children who prefer a creative education to learn creatively and academically, in light of who they are.

Our community experiences the best of creative education on farming environments in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

We are a not-for-profit, for-purpose social enterprise, and a registered charity.

ACNC Registered Charity Tick

Creative Education is…

  • learning through the creative process
  • democratic… everyone governs and designs our school

  • self-directed learning

  • inquiry-based through projects, collaborative, and studio work

  • individual education programs

  • multi-age classes and projects

  • student-lead social and ecological enterprises

  • the Australian curriculum in primary, and likely the International Baccalaureate in secondary

  • union of high-tech, high-eco environments

  • local, national, and international community engagement
  • best global creative education principles and practices
  • a creative, contemporary and visionary learning community

Our Why

School of Creative Education News
School of Creative Education News
School of Creative Education News

A social problem

The call for more creativity is loud.

Greater creativity and wellbeing are being called for by our social, environmental, industrial and political sectors. They are faced with ‘wicked problems’ and seek our collaborators, project workers and problem solvers.

Our children want greater creativity and wellness too … they know they are faced with problems and yearn to be our collaborators, project workers and problem solvers and our educational sector asks our schools to integrate these needs.

The problem is that, despite the call, creativity is not encultured in Australian education.

Furthermore, research shows our academic process actively disables creativity.

Knowing this, should we consciously ask, is it true? Do we really allow our schools to kill creativity? Are we choosing, consciously or otherwise, to disable our kids’ creativity?

If our answer is “yes”, can we intentionally ask, why are we doing that? What purpose will it serve? And most importantly, what can we do about it?

After all, we have a duty of care.

In the U.S.A., creative education is viewed as a children’s rights issue.
We don’t talk about that in Australia.

What we talk about is the children who struggle in education. 25% drop out. Frustrated, bored, intelligent, questioning, rebellious, distracted, disengaged, tenacious, they slip through the cracks.

A social solution

Research shows the creative process over the academic process:

  • enables creativity
  • develops academic skills and knowledge
  • enhances well being, and
  • is mankind’s natural educator.

Creativity is even predicted to create a more just society.

SoCE is not waiting for our educational sector to transform. We are opening

Australia’s first creative primary and secondary school
replicable anywhere in Australia.

The Latest News!

School of Creative Education News

Did you know, we aim to be Australia’s first metro off-grid school?

“Tomorrow’s citizens must be effective problem-solvers. That is precisely what intelligence is all about”

(Isaksen and Parnes, 2013). 


We are now looking for our 2019 team!

  • Primary Educator, full-time, one-year contract with view to long-term
  • Primary Educator, full time or 2 x part-time job share, one-year contract with view to long term
  • Farm Preschool Coordinator, casual, 2 x morning sessions per week
  • The Tribe Coordinator, casual, 1 x afternoon session per week
  • Business Manager, part-time .5, two and a half days per week equivalent, one-year contract with view to long-term employment

Would you like to apply? Please click here for the terms and position descriptions. Take note of the due dates for applications!

FACE2FACE conference
More Information

Future of Alternative and Creative Education conference!

FACE2FACE is an annual conference designed to unite, celebrate and uplift our alternative and creative education sector, with amazing talks, workshops and sessions about the problems and solutions for the future of our sector.

Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th November, 2018  at the School of Creative Education

FACE2FACE brings together educators, parents, and visionaries from our educational alternatives including:

  • Steiner education
  • Montessori education
  • Home and un-schooling education
  • Creative and democratic education, and
  • Ecological education including forest, bush, beach and farm schooling!

Applications for talks and workshops are NOW OPEN and registrations are ON SALE!


Information sessions for parents looking for an alternative school.

Are you considering primary schooling for 2019? Friday 12st October may help…

At our sessions, we will:

  1. ask what you are looking for in your child’s education
  2. present the purpose of a creative school with its principles and practices and learning outcomes, and look at other creative schools from around the world
  3. talk school fees, structure and governance, environmental impact, reporting, facility development, growth projections, accessibility, inclusion, vaccinations, class structures, curriculum, the transition program, and secondary education, and
  4. compare creative education with academic education.

So, if you would like to come along, please RSVP here!

School of Creative Education primary school experience
Book here

Primary school experience

Do you have a child in kinder to grade 5? Are you interested in our primary school for 2019?

We are opening Australias first creative primary school and we would love to invite you along to experience our unique learning environment.

Join us for an afternoon of activities, meet our farm animals, participate in a community circle, and get a taste for our primary school opening in 2019.

This session is open to both enrolled and non-enrolled students. If you would like to bring your child along and see what they think, we would love to welcome you!

Please bring with you a piece of fruit and gumboots.  Parents are invited to stay, join in or have a cuppa and talk to our educators and committee.

Bookings are essential.

School of Creative Education primary school enrolling
Enrolment form

Enrolments are now open for Maxwell primary school children, 2019

We are aiming to open the Maxwell primary school, prep to year 6, at the beginning of term 1, 2019!

There are lots of opportunities to learn more about our school such as Primary Information Sessions, Primary Experience Sessions and Q&A sessions on Facebook Live.

Here’s some random info… school fees for 2019 are $3550 per child per year, awesome for an independent school! Enrolment forms are here! 

If you would like to enrol, please click here for more enrolling details!

School of Creative Education primary school enrolling

Max… our gorgeous educational assistance dog

Many of you are getting to know Max. He attends our programs and lives with one of our educators and her family.

Max is training to be an educational assistance dog. He will be with us every day of the term next year!

Are you curious about the benefits of an educational assistance dog upon children and their learning?

Read here a Victorian report on the Delta Classroom Canines™

Read here for a 2018 ABC news report, and

Read here for The Conversation’s extensively linked article .

Term 4 enrolments are open!

School of Creative Education Farm Preschool

Term 4 enrolments are open!

School of Creative Education The Tribe


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